How to avoid the theft of credit card information

In this report, we have to tell you what is skimmer and how it will steal bank card information. Its few hundred years in all the world, that banks are people’s trusty. And most people keep their additional money in the bank to reach the minimum risk of theft and used stagnant money, in the national economy. Although banks do their utmost in integrity, but in the meantime, there are some people trying to do things with the benefit for the economy and also destroy public confidence towards banks.  Now a days, most people even purchase their low cost things through ATM cards.

This shows the strong presence of cards in the individuals lives.

Some people are purchasing over the Internet, despite the comfort and security, but the possibility of identity and money theft through phishing attacks and similar cases is available.

In this type of theft, they connect a new section to the ATM, that has little difference with the original form (A new section is added to the card reader).

When you put your card into the machine to do your transaction, it can save all card’s data ( then this is for the card information)!

Let’s go for the password. For password, there are two methods.

The first way is to use a tiny camera below the above-mentioned device and While you input the card, it capture information and put in the hands of robbers.

The second method is putting a new keyboard on the previous device’s keyboard ,which is visually very similar to the original version. And the new panel save all the data and store the information including passwords un excelente sitio. But now a new problem has emerged that effectively showed the connoisseur of thieves.

For a while that theft as (Skimming) have made headlines.

This type of theft is through ATMs. They have very simple and professional way. So far, the theft has the card information and password. At this stage, thief should be awarded a raw card that can be found in banks. (But it’s not available for everyone). The thief must put the information on the new card and then goes to ATM. And can withdraw legal and routinely money amount available up to a day, or purchase goods from the store through card readers. The skimming is a very interesting idea and it is a big threat to banks. However, this is not insurmountable, and banks can avoid this issue by installing (Anti Skimmer) on the ATM machines. Now banks are required to install these devices on ATMs. The central banks recently implemented a law that will force banks to install Anti Skimmer.

It is worth mentioning that this issue has not already been implemented in all the ATM machines. The ATM is not the only place where thieves can act through the skimmer, Commercial terminals (POS) are also possible to install the skimmer. skimming theft by readers, is in this way that thief, installed the skimmer on Commercial terminals (POS) and the seller (or sometimes the same thief) placed Commercial terminals (POS) behind the counter, takes the customer’s card and then enters a password by the seller, and just like that all the information is in the hands of robbers. To prevent this, make sure when purchasing through the shopping card readers, enter your password yourself. However, it is better to deal with various attacks based on bank data , be very careful and do not put your data in the hands of other people. In this regard, banks are obliged to immediately install the anti-skimming device.


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