Individual Business Connectivity

It’s a software system in cyberspace and only people with Individual Business License (IBL) have access to it. People according to their academic rank will take license and also their study field should related to their activity. It means they are taking business license without having company and paying any tax, and using the bank facilities for companies as telemarketing.

What are IBL privileges and why issuing this license?

Imagine a client in USA wants to get services from an IT engineer from somewhere else in the world and his deal is profitable for both parties, because American client will only pay 3000$ instead of 10000$ in 3 payments.

But the distance and lack of knowing the other party, make distrust to the technician or service provider and client for doing the project.

If the technician or the service provider connected to Individual Business Connectivity (IBC) system in one of the fund management and has the Individual Business License (IBL) license and applying to create a 3000$ letter of credit with specific Performa from client as he is beneficiary, then according to payment plan which mentioned in Performa and signed with both parties, first payment from the client will keep in this account and when the technician did his first part of his job he will get the payment or if the first payment is as down payment it will pay to technician with both parties agreement.

  • Anyway every payment from found management should pay with pay order from client to technician.
  • In case of flawless and fault free job paying payment steps takes only 1 hour.

Be assure that a client never keeps a professional technician with reasonable price to wait.

In case of both parties agreement of done job satisfaction and work papers and signing the pay order, payment will transfer to technician account.

But in case of non-satisfaction of client from the result and any disagreement, judgment will be on expert team of IBC (Individual Business Connectivity) which are confirmed from united Kingdome authorities and it’s under UK rules. But at the end money is not gone and nobody loss.

Expert listing

People who take license from IBC (Individual Business Connectivity) are listed in IBC list as their profession in business categories, and they are verify as standby power.

So clients who need to use telemarketing services for their projects can use professionals technicians with IBC (Individual Business Connectivity) identity code and for sure they have priority to start projects.


It’s a kind of business license for activities in cyberspace which is issuing from . This type of business license is for people with has academic education, and it’s kind of working permission in cyberspace and using online banking facilities.

Till now technicians and experts who they work as freelancer and can’t use bank facilities like LC, BG, CL, …. And more. These facilities for companies who are paying high tax, rent, employee salary and issuing and renewing expenses for their licenses. Technicians with no license are daily losing profitable project from rich countries and companies because of lack of trust between them and clients. Even there is no attention to their advertising in cyberspaces from client to their services.

It’s a huge improvement for entrepreneurship for experts and technician who can’t able to open company and also for clients to reaching data base list of technician with reasonable price in shortest time. After verifying the certificates from expert team and issuing the license you can inquire it in the website with the reference number in the license. Noteworthy that the new issued license has one star and with doing various projects and contracts and client’s satisfaction in social networks, stars will be increased. So try to reflect your fees backs from done project .

All of this, possible just with IBL business license under bellow activities:

Number License code Activities Required degree
1 C52/4061 Computer services, CEO, web design, web management IT, software and hardware, computer Knowledge
2 A12/8047 Advertising services in internet and managing business websites and pages in social networks IT, software and hardware, computer Knowledge
3 F36/9214 Financial and calculating services and financial consultancy Accounting, Finance, MBA
4 T98/3329 Trading services and consultancy, customs and goods insurance and shipping All type of managements
5 O47/1023 Selling online, computer games and multimedia services with terms and conditions and copy right IT, software and hardware, computer Knowledge
6 I28/1248 Immigration and citizenship affairs Law
7 D72/8234 Non-profited, donation and humanitarian service Any permission of approved non- profit centers
8 M63/9049 Marketing, sales, modeling, industrial and business photography MBA, Photography ,Art, Design, Modeling certificate
9 T28/4453 Tour leader College student