The most important facilities which are just issuing for academic and educated people are ILC (Individual  Letter of Credit),IBG (Individual  Bank Guarantee), ICL (Individual Credit Line).


As mentioned before a technician who takes a project as teleworking and he is worry about the payment can request to open ILC as he is beneficiary and his first payment will keep in the fund management and with project improvement and both parties agreement and due to the terms and conditions in the contract and Performa invoice, payments will pay to the technician.

pay attention that all the terms and conditions are as international business rules of LC.


Imagine a project needs down payment to be done, and none of the contract parties can trust each other. In this case technician applying go IBG  (Individual  Bank Guarantee). The amount will block in the client account and IBG will issue for the client when project improved payment will available in technician account, or for guarantee of doing project 10% of whole amount will keep in technician account, and instead of that IBG (Individual  Bank Guarantee). will issue to client till the projects end.


As an example If a person wants to sell followers in Instagram from India to Europe and his price is reasonable for the client if the number of the buying will be guaranteed, for example 5000 € monthly.

In this case if client doesn’t have trust to technician to pay and he is not sure that he has commitment to his project , the solution is opening individual credit line of 5000 € from client for technician as beneficiary and after delivery of step by step of the project pay order will be issue to IBC (Individual Business Connectivity) card of technic